1. Lanky mussed / no ideation and collage dimly

  2. he’s with the bland


  3. A vegetarian cowed


  4. loud weekends

    The wall was loud
    till 3am

    But only on weekends

    serves you right for voting

    The proverbial $30 couch

    A distracted visitation
    because of others boredom


  5. Cynic bogged / owned thinks


  6. alter bebop/ shaggy moods

  7. kostritzer black lager national drink beer day


  8. not so terrific I suppose

    A coup umbrage um a bridge
    a severed scandal dismantle
    discuss among the intention or
    gentle stools, I oppose the lodges
    but morons

    what desperation! Want of ketchup
    publish derision a legacy of glimpse
    nondescript broken successors

    Don’t temper a buzz tamper it beside
    targets with disappointment for a
    moment and sad forwards

    discuss the merits of body fur pundits
    glacial hands off a sweet process, a
    welcome grasp and all the swallows


  9. how’s that weather and other questions

    A carrousel of grudge songs
    what’s in it for myopia?

    a smooth darkness with odd
    mixtures all in an afternoon

    there were people and verbiage
    perusing hard and soft containers

    a different sort of nap, it’s not
    the size of the icon but the uses


  10. such a big man

    Record fans of wheat, rejoinder
    a great night of semi-regular payments

    why dip in sauces when leaping
    believe in a story of faces

    are you woozy with caution?
    just the dice or documents, sedans

    put on your panaceas, poor poor
    outings because sudden wildness