1. Among Stats And Force

    roulette of unanswerable noblesse oblige
    among all the fine punk empiricists

    Some with safety clogs
    other with dada issues

    Both of us became relics
    blame of stats and recycling

    Think about force fed garments
    transfer and planes of fig newtons


  2. Drumming And The Jesus Of Cheap Beer

    Maybe we should venture later?
    Gators may have drumming
    and cheap beers but I don’t care
    for them. What would Jesus do?

    Probably get deported since he’s
    not from here if reality sets in. Skin
    and bones may gyrate some odd
    nocturnal rituals. Humidity it is!!

    Outdoors at night are when isolationists
    move but only oddly like moist white people.
    We can ask the Canadians? Contemplate
    bully pulpits like nuclear possession or
    side boob but only metaphorically.


  3. Imagery And Tiny Nostrils

    Who needs imagery when there are
    placid meat curtains and pleasantries

    Sorry for the indifference but the tiny
    boat wasn’t red for bully’s sake

    Right below talking were surfaces
    what’s that incessant nostril

    My that’s a raspy obstacle of curtness
    who’s going to win the context?


  4. Quite A Mundane Process

    I sprinkled mundane laughter on my artifice
    of clothing but the conflict was process

    Astride uncomfortable chairs pondering fifty
    Schadenfreude of grey hairs even on my
    back but not really since I trim daintily

    Imagining threats and potential largess
    while titles beckon without ear muffs

    I sold a venice with bad pictures according
    to authority and also my friend Dan
    I’m slightly better but it’s fairly subjective

  5. Morning workout done ready for eggs and coffee


  6. Ingenuity Jargon, Almost Hints And Quips

    It’s sold!! Ingenuity by the
    jargon load.

    Shiny modes of transport
    they aren’t fleecing but almost

    Five years of scorching hints
    do you really want to be normal?

    Conversions amid annoyance
    Don’t quip that way

    farmed with sweat and whiskey
    Icons pleasure that clef and
    other fallacies not to mention phalluses

    Discuss the grouchy documents
    Therefore curves not singing but hums


  7. A pile of doors / numeric disorder


  8. Who’s Your Dada


    Dada ist an

    archipelago of

    unhinged jugglers

    kibitzing with disco

    noodles by penlight



    (Source: les-autres-arachnides)

  9. thespiritcodes:

    dada ist/dadaïsme project

    Write a poem answering the question: Was ist dada? (What is dada?)

    The more disorienting and disjointed the answer, the better. 

    Feel free to submit your poem to my blog. 


    (Source: les-autres-arachnides, via les-autres-arachnides)


  10. kdecember: