1. envelope or just envelopes

    An envelope of ripe possession
    give me the fucking money

    It won’t be long
    beer or garden hose
    a panic of painted doors

    A chain smoking of mispronunciations
    pot bellied conspiracy theist
    Do you hear vox populi?

    A patriotic truck I’m afraid
    why did you bust out of parades?


  2. a reek of dexterity

    A distress that reeked of
    idiosyncratic fonts

    A reek is fine in cabinets
    but not so much with violence

    Check all reeks with dexterity
    with technique or just options

    seemingly attractive like pugilism
    Dan called about alternative air bags


  3. Bifurcate for now / a sorted air


  4. a rule does on occasion

    Is that a rule or just pages?
    does abandon tickle names

    Truth by way of cargo
    sneak into a drab liberty

    Do not traipse when awkward
    try a little pattern

    it’s me who else butt lavish
    got to use that vibe


  5. Uncertain trumpet / i prefer my nonsense idiotic


  6. a long noise

    A long sporadic day
    what’s that elaborate noise.

    so tired of wet underwear
    where’d that mullet ago

    A flat bed for a green box
    a dude from a mere formality

    Can you balance that for moi.
    a movement awaits finishing


  7. Emerging clodhoppers / a shutting linger


  8. the-art-of-misdirection:

    I’m going to shave my head because it’s so fucking hot here

    I’m going to shave my balls because it’s so fucking hot here

  9. know show just oxymoron

    It was a no show again
    a call to impulse

    Tests will ensue
    a policy I reason

    A risk of loathsome
    can you apprehend?

    An old curmudgeon perhaps?
    or did I oxymoron


  10. if tools are a weakness?

    If you insist it’s the the end
    of tools as we know pelvis

    take all the complications
    twice a weakness will do

    A continent or just bags
    it’s light and sort of sweaty

    You’ll have to ask or nothing
    jump into a circus of small hats