1. let meme go

    Watch the clandestine
    with a lovely theme mimics

    oh how l love distinctions
    let’s make pretend noises

    I call bullshit of menus
    who dropped a bonhomie?

    wander throughout a miasma
    break from the plain old fastidious

  2. Mourning a view

  3. Feels like a beach kinda weekend Manasota key


  4. conversely a smudge of plenty

    what is all the blather? pro-Genesis
    conversely mannequins and a
    smudge of grimace waddles

    no not the Waldorf-Astoria. Perhaps
    there was sadness like old tunics
    I prefer my tuna fresh as steaks

    plenty of commercials concerning
    erections and nest eggs, wow or mom
    not too mention the empty premise

    protective garb isn’t just for nations
    anymore but folding chairs because
    nut butter upon English muffins

  5. uutpoetry:



    What is a carbuncle?
    Forlorn armpits amid reservations.

    What is product?
    Strong permutations blowing baubles.

    What is uncanny valley?
    A language of indecipherable clocks.

    What are periods?
    A hodgepodge of old sedans.

    What is a fedora?
    Skim milks in overwrought containers.

    What is a clever?
    Plaid writs of obtuse joints.

    What are roofs?
    A frame of silent questions.

    What are googles?
    A pole of uncertain whisks.

    What are fans?
    Free samples.

    What is gum?
    Unlimited signs with subtle moves.

    art by Manu Duf


  6. God gambit

  7. son has a radial fracture of his left arm in a skate board mishap,
    although seemingly unfazed


  8. sling along or among

    Babylon light my ire
    among outer thoughts

    calculate a multitude
    of wants and shut up

    often boredom causes
    a slight fracturing

    no lifting or boards
    please as rechecks loom


  9. don’t watch with your mouth full

    watch the geniuses flaunt their saltine crackers
    while consideration is given to odd polar times

    we don’t know the help by nicknames but by bits
    of overindulgent fracas to a disco beat off

    paint with a corpulent flasks and an occasional
    smile but it was only aghast or perhaps orgasm

    time is of the penury all manner of pretensions
    abound I’m afraid of tents full of questionnaires


  10. did you notice


    jump into a winter
    you could hardly
    notice a hoody by then

    longing for a better boss
    does Bruce Springsteen
    consume wonton soup?

    octoberfest with exceptions
    free parking like bags
    full of unwanted canned goods

    often I hazard for no
    particles but the occasional
    third place finishes